Accessories Every Wine Lover Should Have

When hosting a wine party or really, any party where wine will be served, there are some essential accessories every vinophile should have on hand.  From formal to fun, there are accessories to fit everyone’s personal style. While there are a number of wine accessories on the market or available online at, there are a few items that are a good start for the wine lover’s party equipment. Listed below are the right accessories you need to have on hand to make preparing for a gathering of your wine-loving friends easy and enjoyable:

  • Corkscrews

Many wine drinkers find this style opener to be both economical and easy to use.

  • Wine Charms

Wine charms help identify each individual’s drink glass easily.

  • Stoppers

Instead of pouring in down the drain, a wine stopper will save it until it can be used at a later date.

  • Wine Glasses

Let’s just say there are as many different styles of wine glasses as there are wine drinkers.

  • Appetizer Plates

This type of plate eliminates the balancing act that always happens when your guests try to hold a glass of wine and an appetizer plate.

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