Exciting Things Kids Learn From Dolphin Watching Tours

One of the exciting things most parents are happy doing is exposing their kids to activities and places that make them happy too. While some parents take their kids to national wildlife parks to see four-foot animals, others take their kids to places where they can see playful dolphins. Dolphins are intelligent and playful mammals. They are not fish as some people think and they are of different types. Children who usually go to enjoy dolphin watching Vilamoura has today learn a lot of things about dolphins such as:

Where they live

One thing most kids love about dolphins is their social nature. Usually, dolphins live and travel in groups known as pods. What is most amazing is that these animals don’t live together for a few months and separate. One of the things your kids would learn from the dolphins tours in Albufeira is that dolphins live in groups of about 5-30 members for many years or until some die. Dolphin pods are different in that some of them live in a specific territory while others migrate and travel around the globe. It excites the kids to see the young ones of these animals and learning that the male ones are bulls, young ones calves and female ones cows.

Their size

It’s interesting to see how kids get surprised at the size of some dolphins. While some dolphins in the river just look small, others are extremely huge. The largest dolphin weighs approximately 4 tons and it’s about 23 feet long. The smaller species may weigh about 90 pounds and be 3 feet long. The snouts of most dolphins are usually long to accommodate about 100 teeth. Kids who are interested in big game fishing in the Algarve notice that dolphins breathe using a blowhole on their head.

What they eat

Of course, dolphins mostly feed on the smaller fish in the aquatic ecosystem. However, if you tour the area they often assemble and watch them closely, you would notice that dolphins do not only depend on fish for food. They also eat squid and other sea mammals such as penguins and seals. Most interestingly, one would notice that dolphins hunt fish and other consumable mammals together. Kids would not call the tour off before they see how the dolphins share meals and how the mature ones get injured prey for the calves to practice hunting. Those who are keen on dolphin watching Vilamoura has may notice that dolphins swallow their prey whole without chewing it.

Things they like doing

Whistles and chirps are what dolphins use to communicate. Besides playing and jumping, dolphins also like doing acrobatic spins in the air. Most children find this quite thrilling. These animals are known to follow ship wake and surf the beach waves. According to those who escort kids along the Algarve watersports, dolphins are easy-to-train animals.

Every time you take your kids to dolphin watching Vilamoura has to offer, they not only enjoy but also learn a lot. In fact, it’s one way of helping your kids perform better in animal-related subjects. Most of the kids who go for such animal watching sessions can’t have enough of this excitement. Find out more at http://www.algarvexcite.com.

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